Robert Rodriguez Wants to Start Shooting THE JETSONS Next Year

by Joey Paur


Robert Rodriguez is starting to spread himself pretty thin with all the movies he plans on making.  He's got the 'Predator' Reboot film, 'Sin City 2', The Grindhouse spin-off 'Machete', and his Sci-fi thriller 'Nerverackers'. We have also heard he plans on adapting 'The Jetsons' for the big screen. What we didn't know until today, is that he wants to start on it next year.

'The Jetsons' will be a live-action version of the futuristic 1960's cartoon. I thought for sure that would be a project he would hold off on for awhile. Apparently not, he gives the low down:

“I’ve been developing [The Jetsons] for awhile,” Rodriguez said, adding that he’s hoping to start shooting “next year.  We’re writing the script right now.

He doesn't give out any other details about it. I'm not thrilled about Rodriguez doing a Jetsons movie, to be honest. The guy is great at making the dark type of movies, which is why I think he will do a great job with 'Predator'. But I can't stand his kid films! And most kids that I know can't stand them either. Everything about them just seems cheap to me, from script, to acting, to special effects, they could be much better. I just don't think he will pull off a decent 'Jetsons' movie. That's just what I think though. Do you think he will do a good job with the property? If so tell me why.

Source: MTV

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