SAW VI, VII, VIII and beyond Movie Update

by Joey Paur


'Saw VI' smashes into theaters this October. It's hard to believe there have been 6 'Saw' movies since 2004, and it looks like there is no end in sight. How much further do you think Lions Gate can take it? Will there ever be a final Saw?

To this Actor Tobin Bell who played the creepy old Jigsaw replied:

"Final is a relative word. Especially in entertainment."

I knew the 'Saw' franchise was going to get a seventh and eighth film, but I am pretty sure as long as it keeps making money we will see more films beyond that. Bell says:

"I look forward to filling out the other pieces of the puzzle. There's some pieces that people still haven't seen."

Each movie is obviously a piece to the puzzle and we all know that a puzzle could have hundreds of pieces. I doubt we will see hundreds of Saw films, but I think we will see more than eight. They are pretty much finished with Part six, and are currently talking about what to do with part seven. Bell continues:

"You always want to just keep the bar up. If there's more good story to tell, it's good to have more opportunities to tell it."

As for what to expect from Part 6, director Kevin Greutert recently wrote on his blog that he gave his film editor Andrew Coutts Sunday off because he has been working so hard on the film. Greutert says:

"He looks fine, but he can't be; the guy has been continually focused on editing this movie for months now, and it's mind-numbingly complex, and it's not easy being face to face all day and night with people as unhappy as the folks who live in Jigsaw's world."

From the sound of it part 6 could be mind-numbingly complex. Saw VI will also be a turning point in the movie where the character Hoffman will take on the role of Jigsaw. The director also says that Saw VI...

"...stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of the ['Saw' movies], and while I’m the least objective person imaginable when it comes to this, I think we’ve all done something really special.”

I liked the first couple Saw movies, but after that they just started getting old. I would think it would be hard to keep things interesting and not so repetitive. What are your thoughts on the the Saw Franchise? Where do you want to see it go, if anywhere?

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