Trailer for Dark Comedy MISS NOBODY

by Eli Reyes

What would you do, if you accidentally discovered you had a talent for something? What if that something, was murder? And how would you juggle between ascending the corporate ladder, and your new found skills. This is where Leslie Bibb finds herself in the new film MISS NOBODY.

MISS NOBODY is a dark-comedy from director Tim Cox. Although his previous films are made up of mostly sci-fi creature features, this movie is not one of those. The trailer looks pretty interesting. I can best describe it as the "Office Space" meets "American Psycho". It looks that dark, and I don't want to "Jump, to Conclusions", but it probably won't be as funny.  From the tone and the look of the production in the trailer, you could have told me this was a new TV Show on HBO or Showtime. And I would have completely believed you.

Leslie Bibb stars alongside Adam Goldberg, Vivica A. Fox, and Brandon Routh. There's something to point out though. At the end of the trailer, it says In Theaters 2008. Which probably means this film has been sitting on the shelves. But I couldn't find any information out there as to why.

Check out the Trailer! And let us know what YOU think.

Miss Nobody

Source: Quiet Earth

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