FOX Wants Ridley Scott To Direct The ALIEN Prequel

by Joey Paur


Remember we told you about that new Alien prequel that is going to get made? That Ridley Scott and Tony Scott are producing and they want one of their in-house directors Carl Erik Rinsch to direct the movie? Would it surprise you to learn that FOX wants Ridley Scott to direct the film?  It doesn't surprise me at all, hell I would rather see Scott direct the film myself!

According to an unpublished EW article that should go up later today, Tony and Ridley Scott have given the young director Rinsch final approval of the film. The thing is 20th Century Fox doesn't want to greenlight the film without Ridley directing it. I can see their concern, look what happened with the AVP movies, I'm guessing they don't want another one of those. Sources at FOX say the studio is not...

"interested in green lighting the project unless Scott directs himself."

Then according to EW, the guy they want to direct the film is also dating Ridley Scott's daughter.

First of all I don't care who is dating who. I say let Rinsch's work speak for itself! I still think the guy is a talented director and has promise and after seeing the commercials he has developed, he obviously has some creative skills. Sure it would be nice to see Scott get behind the wheel and make this movie, but if he thinks Rinsch has got what it takes to do it, then I say give the guy a chance. Click Here to check out the commercials he has directed.

I hope they don't kill the project if Ridley doesn't direct it. Hollywood needs to start having open minds to new ideas, and new directors. Otherwise, how will the movies evolve and new talents be discovered? We need new directors to replace people like Brett Ratner and McG.

What do you think?

Source: The Playlist

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