The Hangover slips past Up to take the weekend at the box office!

by EMH


The good people at keep us up to date on our box office numbers. I was surprised at how well The Hangover did in its opening weekend, but I was shocked to learn after the final numbers were totaled that it beat out Up for the top spot.

The top five look like this…

5. Star Trek – 8.3 million

4. Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian – 14.6 million

3. Land of the Lost – 18.8 million

2. Up – 44.1 million

1. The Hangover – 45 million

Oh, and where are you Drag Me to Hell? Ah, yes, number 7, with 7 million. And what about you Terminator Salvation? Oh, there you are at number 6, with 8.2 million. Sorry little guys.

Okay, I am joking. I know Rami’s followers loved “Hell.” It will be watched for years and live a long life on DVD. I have much respect for Rami. Terminator, however, is another story. Memo to Bale: If you aren’t awesome in Public Enemies, I am done with you, at least for a while.

Oh, and how did my weekend box office predictions stack up with reality? Well, you’ll have to check that out HERE!



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