FUNNY PEOPLE 4 viral videos of Raaaaaaaandy Stand Up

by Eli Reyes


The viral marketing for Judd Apatow's new film Funny People has been nothing short of amazing. Funny People stars Seth Rogen as a young and upcoming stand up comedian who befriends a well established comedian and film star played by Adam Sandler. Judd filmed several scenes of the actors performing their stand-up routines in character, and in front of real audiences!

Most of that footage is being kept well under wraps until the film comes out. But they've released a website called for one of the characters named Randy.  There he has some of his his stand-up footage, as well as soundboards and other goodies to play with as well. Randy is actually Observe And Report and I Love You Man's Aziz Ansari. You can currently catch Aziz stealing scenes on NBC's Parks And Recreation.

As far as I know, all the actors wrote their own routines. Which isn't a hard task for them, as Sandler performs regularly, and Rogen got his start in stand up comedy. Check out Raaandy's stand up footage below! And prepare to laugh, and laugh some more. Funny People is out July 31st.

Sorry if you had to pause all the vids! We couldn't figure out how to not get them to do that.


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