KICK-ASS Film Footage Will Premiere at Comic-Con! Plus a New Image of Hit Girl!

by Joey Paur


Yes! This is a movie I was really hoping would make it to San Diego this year! Matthew Vaugn's new film 'Kick-Ass' which is based on the Mark Millar comic book of the same name will be making it's way to Com-Con 2009! The first footage from the actual film will be prmiering at the mega geek convention on Thursday, July 23rd near the end of the day. Of course Vaughn will be there along with some of the films cast members which will be announced later on.

If you have not been reading the comic book I suggest you do it is one of the coolest comic's I have ever read and I am really looking forward to the film. This is the largest non-studio produced comic book movie ever made. I have a feeling the footage is going to blow us away.

The Photo about which was provided by the good people at slashfilm features Chloe Moretz as one of the main characters Mindy Macready A.K.A Hit Girl, an 11 year old girl that kicks the shit out of grown men. She is also good at slicing up people with ninja swords.

Here are three other photos from the film that we have previously posted:




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