3 Actors are Up for The Role of THE GREEN LANTERN one of them is Ryan Reynolds

by Joey Paur


Warner Bros. is getting ready to cast their Hal Jordan in the  Green Lantern. The producers of the movie have spent five months so far trying to figure out who will play the hot shot Air Force pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to be the guy to take his place in the intergalactic squad know as the Green Lanterns.


The choices of who will play the Green Lantern has been narrowed down to three actors and one of them is new to to me. Bradley Cooper, was one of the first rumord, Justin Timberlake casting news broke yesterday, and the new guy up for the role is none other than Ryan Reynolds. THR reports:

The studio ordered up two rounds of screen tests with Cooper, Reynolds and Timberlake. Other actors in the early mix included Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill and Jared Leto.

Apparently, the producers and the studio each had a different favorite among the three finalists, making it difficult to come to a consensus.

Another issue impacting the casting process is the rising budget. "Lantern" is a full-blown space epic that is expected to cost between $150 million and $200 million, if not more. Warners would like to have the production costs at a reasonable level before proceeding.

What producer is saying that he wants Timberlake to play the Green Lantern!? That guy needs to leave the room now. I am fine with either of the other two actors, but I think Ryan Reynolds in the obvious choice.

Who of the three do you want to see play Hal Jordan?

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