A New KICK-ASS Movie Image and Confidence Levels are High

by Joey Paur


No! I will not stop with the Kick-Ass movie news! The film doesn't even have a reelease date yet, and it the hype around it is blowing up like maddness! I wonder how many posters will be designed for this film. As many as Watchmen at least. I guess we'll have to see.

The new image you see above comes from AICN along with a quote from the director Matthew Vaughn, and how he feels about the first test screening for the film that went down. What did Vaughn say?

"What LOCK, STOCK [AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS] did for gangster movies, we're doing for comic book/superhero films."

That is very encouraging. But so is the response for the test screening that happened a few days ago, which gave him 100% confidence in what he has done with the Mark Millar, and John Romita Jr. comic book, "Kick-Ass."

If you are going to Comic-Con remember to catch the "Kick-Ass" panel on Thursday at 5:45pm in Hall H. It is here that the director is going to reveal some scenes from the movie to the geek community. See ya there!

Source: AICN

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