Eli Roth Dropped HOSTEL 3 and Stephen King's CELL

by Joey Paur


Eli Roth is moving on with his career without directing Hostel Part 3, and Stephen King's adaptation of Cell. I think this is good news. I never was a big fan of the Hostel films, in fact they are the reason I have a distaste for Roth. But after this interview I have a new found respect for him, because he won't do remakes. Regarding Hostel he say's:

"The studio had made a lot of money with it so they want to keep going, and the fans, there's demand for it, and great. If I started something and other people want to continue it, go for it. I'm just not involved in anyway. There's no negativity about it. I just said, 'I put everything in my life for three years into these movies. I've said everything I have to say with it. I feel very lucky I got to make them and the fans responded the way they did, and if you guys want to continue it, great, go ahead.'"

I also never thought he was the right person for the job to take the Stephen King's book, Cell, and turn it into a movie. Regarding Cell he say's:

"I walked off 'Cell' kind of quietly. There was just sort of a difference in opinion on how to make to film and what the story should be, and there's a different direction the studio wants to go with it. It was very friendly because it's the Weinsteins, they made 'Inglourious Basterds' and we're all friends. I said, 'I'm not really interested in doing the film this way. You guys go ahead and I'm going to make my own films.' I've also learned that I really am only interested in directing original stories that I write, that's another thing I learned through that whole process."

It was also rumored he would take on the remake of Toby Hoopers, Funhouse, this next comment he gives is the first sign to me that I may actually like the guy.

"It's a film that I enjoy that I think it would be fantastic to remake and do it really really gory with a huge body count, but there's no films that I'm interested in personally remaking. I have too many original stories that I want to do. I'm not saying I wouldn't but there's no remake that has trumped any of those other ideas."

No remakes, original films, that's what I want to hear. And he is doing just that. All his focus is going into his next film, which will be an original idea of his called, Endangered Species,  a epic sci-film, which he hope to start casting for soon so he can shoot it in the Fall. I'm excited to see what he does with this sci-fi film I've heard it could be a PG rated film.

Source: STYD

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