Mel Gibson to Star in THE BEAVER

by Joey Paur


The man who has recently made a career in the business as a director behind the camera, is getting back in front of it once again. Mel Gibson will star in a new film being directed by Jodie Foster, The Beaver. By the way, this will not be a film based on the TV Show Leave it to Beaver.

It looks like Gibson will be playing  a crazy type person again, in this film he will take on the role of a depressed man who finds solace in wearing a beaver hand-puppet.

Hand puppets are very therapeutic. Remember in the movie "What About Bob?" Hand puppets were used in that to hold important discussions with family members. Personally puppets don't do it for me, I need a full on ventriloquist puppet, the nightmares they give me help me sleep at night.

Not only will Foster direct the film, but she will star in it as well, as the wife in the story. This is not the first time Foster and Gibson worked together, back in 1994 the did a fun little film called, "Maverick."

This movie sounds like it could be interesting, but I'm not sure if it is going to be a comedy or a serious film, perhaps a little of both, like the way indie films are doing it these days.

Mel Gibson and a beaver hand puppet... what do ya think?

Source: Variety

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