Ryan Reynolds Cast as THE GREEN LANTERN!

by Joey Paur


This morning Warner Bros. narrowed their Green Lantern choices down to three actors... Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Justin Timberlake. Well, they have made their decision! The Green Lantern has been cast! Ryan Reynolds will play the live action Hal Jordan. This is awesome! Here is a guy that has become a hit in the fanboy/fangirl community, because of his role as Deadpool in Fox's Wolverine pic. He has also been scoring brownie points with the fan's by the way he is talking about his new Deadpool Spin-off film.


We did a little poll earlier, and asked you ,who you wanted to see play Hal Jordan. The majority of the people that voted went with Bradley Cooper, so I am sorry to break the news that he didn't make, and thankfully neither did Justin Timberlake.

We have had several discussions about who would make the best Green Lantern, and surprisingly, Ryan Reynolds never came up! I guess we all just figured he was in the Marvel world, and he wouldn't go DC, what ever the reason is it doesn't matter. All I know is that I am 100% satisfied with the choice that Warner Bros. has made. Ryan Reynolds will make a great Hal Jordan, and I'm sure he'll look good in the costume as well. Ryan Reynolds is now both a Marvel and DC superhero! Who would've thought.

Martin Campbell is the guy directing the movie, based off the script written by Greg Berlanti.

So what do you think about Ryan Reynolds being cast as The Green Lantern?

Source: Variety

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