TWILIGHT Geeks Put AVATAR Movie Geeks to Shame: Comic-Con Switches Panels Up Due to Complaints

by Joey Paur


It's no surprise that Twilight's New Moon was going to be on the Comic-Con schedule this year. Last year, Twilightheads were lining up for the panel a whole day before it happened, it's crazy, I know. But even Twilighters are entitled to their geekdom. Their crowd put the Watchmen crowd to shame in the level of excitement.


There were some people that complained recently about the placement of the twilight New Moon panel this year, because in Thursday Comic-Con schedule that was released yesterday, Twilight's New Moon was placed after James Cameron's Avatar panel. This upset some people because all the twilighties would get in Hall H, and sit through the Avatar panel, locking out a bunch of geeks that really wanted to see the the Avatar stuff, like me! I can't wait to see it! But I planned on getting there early to get in. But, today Comic-Con switched the schedule, and pulled the Avatar panel out of  New Moon's  line of fire.

I understand why people would be upset, but now I am going to call you complainers out. This is something the Twi-hards will be able to brag about for sure. If you call yourselves hardcore movie geeks, then go get your ass in line early! It's not the twilighter's fault that they are more of a hardcore geek than you are. I planned on getting in line freakin early to make the Avatar panel, why won't you? No matter what, the line is going to be freakishly long! No matter what! That just goes with the Comic-Con territory, it's common knowledge for those that have been there. Any movie panel you want to get in and see,  plan to show up in line early. That's just how it is.


But, the panels have now been switched up, and guess what? The line will still be incredibly long, and there are people that still wont get in to see it. Oh, and by the way! The Tron 2 footage that Disney is showing, is before the Twilight Panel anyway, that wasn't changed, and that will be just as cool to see as the Avatar stuff. So, if you want to see that and Avatar, then you are still going to have to get in line butt-ass early, and then sit through the Twilight panel to see Avatar.

Who is the winner in this situation? The hardest of hardcore geeks out there, who have the commitment to get in line early enough so they will be able to see what they want to see. Most of those are Twilight geeks, and of course, our growing army of GeekTyrant's.

See you at the Con!

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