LET THE RIGHT ONE IN Remake Casting Has Begun

by Joey Paur


As you know by now the incredible Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In, is currently in the process of being remade, by the same guy that directed “Cloverfield,” Matt Reeves. This Hollywood version of the film will be called, Let Me In, and it looks like, unfortunately, that casting has begun for the film. I hate that this film is being remade! The original is perfect! If Reeves respected this movie as much as he says he does, then why the hell is he remaking it? That show me that he doesn't have respect for it, and that he thinks he can do a better job. I don't think so.


So, a young actor by the name of Kodi Smit Mc-Phee, has auditioned for the role of the main character, and he tells “The Herald Sun,” in an interview that, “It’s looking good.” No deal has been officially made yet, but who’s to say one won’t be worked out very soon. Mc-Phee, stars along side Viggo Mortensen in the upcoming film The Road.

The original film tells a wonderful story about a bullied 12-year-old boy, who develops a friendship with a vampire child in a suburb of Stockholm, in the early 1980s. The new film will take place in Colorado.

Source: moviehole

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