JACKSON FAMILY reality show could Air Next Year

by Eli Reyes

In a report from THR, we learn that "A&E is working on a reality project with the Jackson family which could gain newfound viewer interest in the wake of the King of Pop's death." Ya think? C'mon A&E, if something as unforgiving as the movie Bruno can edit out jokes made about Michael Jackson, certainly YOU can exercise some respect for this family in mourning.

A&E shot footage months ago, for a one-hour special tentatively titled The Jackson Family , which followed Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy, as they prepared for a new album and reunion tour. The special was scheduled to air next year, and was intended to serve as a "backdoor pilot" for a potential series. But after Michael's untimely death, and the media frenzy which followed, the network is left to decide where to take it from here. On the matter, Executives from A&E state that...

We have started discussing internally and with the family but have not yet decided what direction to take with the show. We are respecting the family's wishes right now, and at the appropriate time we will all decide what direction this program to take, so stay tuned.

Let's hope the "appropriate time" is given. If A&E wants to honor a musical group that changed the face of popular music as we know it, great! But I hope this isn't just a way to make some cash off of a family's tragedy.

What do you guys think?

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