NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Reboot is in the can

by Eli Reyes


Filming on the Nightmare On Elm Street reboot has wrapped! Like most of you, I wasn't very excited when Michael Bay's Production Company Platinum Dunes, announced they were going to be remaking Nightmare. That was until, they brought in Jackie Earle Haley to don the glove and stripes. After his magnetic performance as Rorshach in Watchmen, I can't wait to see the different layers he's brought to Freddy Kruger.

Over at Bloody-Disgusting, producer Brad Fuller blogged about the Nightmare shoot being in the can, the "new look" of Elm Street, and how proud he is of Nightmare director Sam Bayer.

Sam Bayer suffered for this movie. He pushed himself so hard that I worried that he couldn't maintain his pace, yet he did. No one had more sleepless nights than Sam... But all that effort, time and pain was for a great cause. We did it all for Freddy. To realize our dream of bringing him back… the way we remember him. Scary, mean and nasty.

Fuller  makes sure he addresses all the "haters" out there. But more importantly, he explained the lengths Haley went through in bringing back the Freddy we remember, while still creating something that is uniquely his own.

Now I know it will be hotly debated here, but I can tell you I am proud of what we did. Proud that Jackie Earle Haley was uncompromising in his desire to create a Freddy that is uniquely his own creation. Proud of Andrew Clement for his desire to create a look that will shock and scare you. You will surely recognize Freddy, but he is distinctively different, more real, and more burned. Jackie and Clement spent four hours a day painstaking applying all the make-up, appliances, texture before coming to shoot. And when we were all done at the end of the day they had to stay for at least another hour to take it off. For those of you keeping score at home that is 5 hours a day, on top of 12 hour shooting days. Those among you who are so closed-minded that you can’t fathom anyone else playing the role, you are idiots. So much time and effort put into bringing Freddy back and you dismiss him before you’ve seen his efforts, it’s just stupidity. See what we’ve done and then pass judgment; but there isn’t a person out there who can tell me Jackie isn’t a terrifying, inspired, awesome Freddy.


I know Jackie has done thing, and I'm sure he's done it well. But as excited as I am to see his performance, I still have to see more from this film to be completely on board. This is Bayer's first feature, and he picked quite an undertaking. It seems that no matter what he does, Freddy purists will cry foul. But who knows, he could end up doing for Elm, what JJ Abrams did for Star Trek. But we'll just have to wait and see.

Fuller says he'll be posting up some pics from Nightmare on his Twitter, and that they will have some surprises for us at Comic-Con. We'll keep you posted as things are unveiled.

So what do you guys think so far?