STAR WARS Uncut: The Ultimate Geek Film Project

by Joey Paur

This is pretty damn cool. A project has begun where Star Wars: A New Hope has been broken down in 472 segments, at 15 seconds long each. There are 472 people that have claimed a segment from the film, in which they will recreate that scene in any form they want. All of the re-created scenes are then going to be spliced together, and the magic of what was created will unfold right before our eyes in full movie form.

This is such a crazy project but I am interested to see what the final product will end up like. As of now, all of the scenes have been taken, but if the people that took them don't submit there part within 30 days, the spot will open up again.

Here are a couple of scenes that have already been done. Don't forget to check out the website at starwarsuncut. Enjoy!

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 400 from r2witco on Vimeo.

Star Wars Uncut - Scene 043 from Rene Walter on Vimeo.

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