TREEVENGE! You Gotta Watch this Short Film

by Joey Paur

This short horror film called Treevenge is bloody priceless. You will never look at Christmas trees the same way again.

The story follows the on-going torture of several Christmas trees that are taken from there homes, and sent out to Christmas tree lots around the country, eventually finding their way into the homes of family's everywhere.

WARNING: Just so you know, this film is incredibly violent, gory, and is not safe for work. I'm serious, it is really quite distrurbing. Please know you have been warned.  The trees have had enough, and they get their revenge.

Check out the short film below.

This film was directed by Jason Eisner, who also made a short film called Hobo With a Shotgun, which was one of the trailers  shown with the Grindhouse movie release.

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