by Joey Paur


You might think this is a superhero movie from the title, but it's not. Warner Bros. and film producer Kevin Misher are coming together to bring you a new action film called Vegas Avengers, which tells follows a hot shot pilot, after taking too many risks, is forced to enter a top-secret program that flies experimental, unmanned planes. Don't you just hate it when you are forced into those top secret programs! They're the worst.

Apparently those people that know about the film are saying that it contains, "echoes of Top Gun." Except the planes will be unmanned. So will there be some intense, heart pounding, dog fight scenes with the guys siting in a control room, fighting each other like a video game? I sure hope so.


The movie will take place at Nellis Air Force base, out side of Las Vegas. The base was established during World War II, and has a rich history, having stored large caches of advanced weapons and served as headquarters to a top-secret Cold War program involving U.S.-piloted Russian MiGs.

Producer Kevin Misher most recently produced Public Enemies.

I'm not sure what to expect for this film but I am intrigued by the idea. Maybe they will cast Ryan Reynolds as the hot shot test pilot.

Source: THR