FEAR AGENT Comic Book Film Update

by Joey Paur


Last year we reported on the Dark Horse comic, Fear Agent, being developed into a film. When creator Rick Remender talked about the film last year, he didn't mention what studio was involved, and that if he got to choose the actor who would play Heath Huston, it would be Jon Hamm or Aaron Eckhart, both great choices! We now have a bit more information to share with you on what is going on with the Fear Agent movie.

Universal Pictures is the studio backing it, and the project is an open-writing assignment, but the studio may match up a spec script which is held by producer Jonathan Shestack, who also produced Air Force one. If they want it, they will have to obtain the rights, then bring Shestack on as a producer.

Fear Agent is a ridiculously entertaining story that centers around a rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman Heath Huston, who is supposed to be the last Fear Agent, in a series of fast-paced adventures. The series stands out with its emphasis on action, adventure, horror, and plot twists rather than realism or scientific detail. It is definitely an in-your-face type adventure.

So maybe, hopefully Fear Agent will one day make it into theaters. This could be such a fun movie to watch.

Source: riskybusinessblog

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