HUNTER PREY Footage At Comic-Con? Looks Like it!

by Joey Paur


We recently did a great interview with director Sandy Collora regarding his experiences in filmmaking, including his first feature film Hunter Prey. If you have not read this interview yet, then read it now,  because it's incredible. Since Comic-con is sneaking up on us pretty quick here, I wanted to point something out to you from the interview we conducted. While talking about Hunter Prey, I asked how much longer the film had to go before it was finished. His reply was:

By the time you run this interview, the film should be done. We’re planning a little something special at The San Diego Comic Con next month, so be sure to come to the masquerade on Saturday night and check it out!

So it looks like something is going to go down at the Comic-Con masquerade involving Hunter Prey. Since the movie is now completely finished, I can't help but think he will show some footage or possibly a new trailer for the film showing off some of the special effects, and story details. Whatever it is make sure to go check it out, because I'm sure it will be worth seeing. I have seen, the trailer, and the first five minutes of the film, and it looks like it is going to be pretty awesome.

See ya at the Con!

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