LET ME IN Movie Poster Concepts

by Joey Paur

Update- Sorry for the inconvenience, due to legal crap we can no longer run the vid or artwork. Yeah...we know

As you might know by now Cloverfield director, Matt Reeves, has decided to remake the incredible Swedish vampire film,Let the Right One In. There's no reason for him to remake this film, the original was perfect, and for him to think he could do better is just silly. But, the production is moving forward, casting has begun, and now there are three promotional posters for the film that have been obtained by our friends at /film. These posters are going to be used to help sell the film in international markets, the same markets that made the original film so successful. Do the international markets really want to see the American remake?

These poster shows us the style, and feel that Matt Reeves in envisioning for the movie, which will take place in Colorado and the names of the two characters have been changed  from Oskar and Eli, to Owen and Abby, who will stay the same age of 12-years-old. Then there is something I just have to point out. Reeves has said this movie will not be based on the original film, but off of the novel written by John Ajvide. Here's the thing... the last poster says, "A remake of the award winning original, Let The Right One In."

Check out the posters below and tell us what you think.

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