New Comic Book Series TIME BOMB Pitts Modern Warfare against Nazi's

by Joey Paur


I love it when cool ideas find their way into the light. There is a new comic book series that is being developed by the guys behind, Jonah Hex, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. The series is called, Time Bomb, and you can bet that this comic will eventually make it's way to the big screen.  Time Bomb brings modern day peacekeeping forces up against the Nazi's in two different time periods in Germany. Here is the story description:

In the present day, an international team of scientists and archeologists discover a secret Nazi city hidden beneath Berlin. Unfortunately, disrupting the site has activated Hitler's Omega bomb - a weapon forged to wipe out the human race in the event that the Nazis lost the war. To reverse the bomb's effects, operatives outfitted with the latest weaponry are sent back in time to prevent the bomb's detonation, but something goes wrong and the team finds itself 65 years in the past - forcing them to confront the Nazis at the height of their power.

I knew there was a Nazi city underneath Berlin! I don't thing the Nazi's could stand a chance against the modern day weapons we have, but it will sure be cool to see what would happen. This has got all the elements of a really fun story. I hope it makes it to the big screen, Radical Publishing sees the potential the story has beyond its comic book format, and Palmiotti adds:

“But at the end of the day, my job is to make this a killer comic book.”

The book is tentatively scheduled for a summer 2010 release. The cover art above was created by Meduzarts Studios. More details on the project will pop up later this month at the San Diego Comic-Con International, when Palmiotti will discuss Time Bomb at the Radical creators panel on Friday, July 24, from 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.

So what do you think about thisnew comic book series?

Source: MTV

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