New G.I. JOE: RISE OF COBRA TV Trailer From Adult Swim

by Joey Paur


Here's a new TV Trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, for you to watch. This TV spot popped up on Adult Swim recently, and has made the short trip onto the internet. This movie isn't looking too good in my eyes. Most of the people out there are not feeling the G.I. Joe love from what they have seen from the film so far, but there are a handful of people that are excited for it. The movie doesn't hit theaters until August 7th, so I think we are going to see a big push at Comic-Con this year for it. I wish this movie would have been made in the more classic G.I. Joe style, but they went with the whole Transformers Michael Bay feel. Stephen Sommers directed the film, but it has got studio executive ideas written all over it, which Sommers is perfectly happy to oblige. I'll go see it because I love G.I. Joe, and I want to see how they fully ruined my childhood. Can anyone give me some hope that it may actually be an ok film? Anyone? Check out the new TV trailer below!

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