NINTENDO Wii is no longer Racist

by Eli Reyes


Since the dawn of time, we have only been able to play the Nintendo Wii the "white way". Well I'm here to tell you, we're finally getting a chance to play it the "right way." Gone are the days of PS3 owners laughing at us and our color deficient Xbox360 brothers, now Wii can join in on the laughing. Well, hopefully at least.


The Onyx colored Wii System hits the Japanese market August 1st. There is no word as of yet, if or when we'll get it here in the States. There aren't any improvements to the console itself, other than the "cool" factor, as well as being much less of an eyesore in your living room. And I can't help but feel, that if the Wii were black, I'd be much better at Wii Sports.

Source: Amazon

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