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Venkman wrote a review for the movie already, but I figured more than one review is even better.


(but if you're a die hard, you would've already seen the movie and know what I'm talking about)

The movie was good.   It was equal in goodness to the Order of the Phoenix, the last movie released.    It was grand, beautiful.  The music helped in guiding your emotions through the film.   The cinematography and the locations were just breathtaking!

Now, let me get down and dirty:
I left a little upset. Maybe it was because I was dressed up in a hot uncomfortable Gryffindor uniform,  maybe it was because it was really late and in the back of my mind I knew I had to go into work at 8AM or maybe it was because the audience kept applauding and yelling at EVERY little thing (now before anyone says anything,  I'm being a little sarcastic and I know that if I go to a midnight showing I'm gonna be amongst the die hards,  so what do I expect, right?)... but no... that wasn't why I was upset.   It was because I had built this film up to be 10x better than the last and it came up a little short.   Now to be a little fair, all the characters were portrayed superbly.   I mean,  I fell in love with Luna Lovegood and even the annoying Lavender Brown, the villains were freaking far out:   Snape was deliciously sinister and evil,  the young Tom Riddle was bad to the point where you felt dark just watching him,  even Fenrir Greyback was awesome.  Don't even get me started with Bellatrix!  She was pretty awesome!  My favorite!

Something lacked and I soon realized that a lot of really cool things that were in the book were left out of the movie!!  I honestly had to think to myself, well, maybe it's in book 7... then I went back and scanned the books and no. They had cut out really awesome occurrences in the book and focused alot of the time in the movie developing the cutesy love stories among  the main characters and their classmates! Blasphemy when there is so much awesome evil meatiness that needs to be explained. Then I thought to myself, well, maybe Yates was trying to keep the movie light because let's face it, Potterheads, the books have increasingly been getting darker and darker.... I mean even the lighting of the film has consistently been getting darker! But come on! Don't deny us the opportunity to delve into more of the dark world of the wizards because the director wants us to  know what happens between "Won Won" and Lavender!

I know I know! There's gonna be an angry mob chasing me with pitchforks and bats, but hear me out! I'm not dogging the movie AT ALL! Like I said in the beginning, it was really good! The unbreakable curse part in the beginning: excellent. The inferi in the cave: pure awesome! I just wish they would've gone more into Snape's past like in the book and maybe have ended "differently"... something more epic.... (the people that have read the book know what I mean).

So I give the movie an A-.  Still really good, but had awesome potential.

Enjoy guys and don't hate me!

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