WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE early Disney CG animation test Will blow your mind!

by Eli Reyes

The excitement level is high for Spike Jonze's adaptation of the beloved children's book Where The Wild Things Are. I haven't met one person, not one, who isn't somehow moved by the Trailer. Well here's something that is as equally eye opening and fun!

This is a vintage clip from 1983, of an early CG animation test they did over at Disney, when they owned the rights to Where The Wild Things Are. This showcases the combining of traditional hand drawn 2D animation, with then-state-of-the-art 3D computer animation. This is absolutely remarkable for the time, and is quite eerie in a way. The test was directed by John Lasseter, who went on to direct and produce most of the Pixar films. If he only knew! Other than this, Disney never utilized the rights they had for Wild Things, and eventually lost them.

But even considering how far 3D animation has come, this clip stands the test of time. This is sure to give you some smiles, as well as some goosebumps. This absolutely blows me away!

Check it out, and share your thoughts!