KING DORK adaptation to be helmed by King Of Kong director SETH GORDON

by Eli Reyes


Seth Gordon loves to direct movies with the name "King" in them. It's just a fact. In 2007, he brought us the highly acclaimed documentary The King of Kong, which followed Steve Weibe as he attempted to break the Guinness World Record for  highest score on Donkey Kong. Last year, he brought us the Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon comedy hit, King of Four Christmases. Oh wait, it was just called Four Christmases.

My point is valid though. Because THR is reporting that King Seth Gordon is in talks to direct a big screen adaptation of Frank Portman's young-adult novel King Dork.

Published in 2006, "Dork" centers on teenage misfit Tom Henderson, a student who is tormented by all sorts of cliques and seeks refuge in music. He also attempts to uncover the truth about his late father, who died under hazy circumstances while combing through some books.

Upon publication, the novel drew accolades for its portrayal of a highly self-aware high school student and its frank discussion of sex, drugs and other tricky topics.

I've never read or heard of King Dork. Which is weird, because I'm both young and an adult. Then again, my last "big read" was the The Giving Tree, back in kindergarten... haven't picked up a book since.


If all goes through, Dork would be just one of the many projects on Gordon's "to do list". The director is also set to helm the hilarious sounding Suicide Squad, about a heist gone wrong at the Kentucky Derby, the male-centric comedy Mr. Romance, and a feature adaptation of Kong.

What do you guys think of Gordon directing King Dork? Are there any Dork fans out there that could fill us in on the goods, and if it would make a good film? Also, what's this thing I hear kids are doing nowadays... something called math?

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