NEW MOON pic of Bella and Jacob Canoodling

by Eli Reyes


Who doesn't like the word "canoodling"? It's like noodles, canoes and candles rolled into one. The word is so old fashioned , even my grandma would consider it lame.

This is for all you Twi-hard's out there! Here's a pic of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner getting up close and personal in a scene from The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In the scene, a smitten Jacob is comforting Bella, after Edward's(Robert Pattinson) abrupt departure. Dang, I thought Bella was timing how fast Jacob could grow his werewolf beard. I bet 10 bucks on 2.8 seconds...

Well, it looks like the love triangle is becoming a little more equilateral... you floozy.


Source: LATimes