by Joey Paur


Well, Resident Evil: Afterlife will be the fourth movie from the Resident Evil film franchise. It is going to go into production on September 28th. The movie is definitely happening. It will shoot for 8 weeks at Cinespace Film Studios up in Toronto.

Sony’s Screen Gems is developing the movie and they have set its release date for September 17, 2010.

This is all great, but they still haven’t confirmed any of the talent that is involved! We know the film was written by, Paul W.S. Anderson, who’s been involved with all the resident Evil movies, but there’s no word yet on if he will direct this one. As for if Milla Jovovich is involved..... beats the hell out of me. I assume she would be, there’s no point in making the movies without her. It would suck. The story will take place in Tokyo for more Umbrella Corporation zombie mayhem.

I don’t mind another Resident Evil movie as long as it is just as fun, and just as Jovovichy as the other films.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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