Simpsonized Marvel Superhero Wall Mural

by Joey Paur


This huge Marvel Superhero wall mural was just completed and currently exists in Queens, NYC. The art depicts Marvel characters created in the style of The Simpsons, depicting a battle.

The artist that did this is named Gusto, and he had a small team of artists helping him. The mural is on the side of a T-Mobile building, which donated the space for free in exchange for getting a T-Mobile logo incorporated in the art. Gusto says on his blog:

Last Weekend we finally got to finish this wall, we started it on Fathers Day Weekend but the rain was too much for us to knock it all out those 2 days, so it took us some extra time. The Characters were done by me but were inspired by Dean Fraser, a really dope illustrator probably best known (to me at least) for his Simpson style characters, he’s done everyone from The Cast of Arrested Development, to Marvel characters, DC characters, The Cast of Lost, to most recently The Ghostbusters… Thanks for the inspiration Dean!

If you live in NYC and you want to go check it out, you can find it in Queens on 86th Street and Roosevelt Ave.

In the meantime check out the art below:





Source: i09

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