So Who's Up for the Role of BILBO BAGGINS In THE HOBBIT?

by Joey Paur


Last we heard from Guillermo del Toro, they had narrowed the casting down for who will play Bilbo Baggins in the long awaited film adaptation on The Hobbit. He also said that they might announce casting within the next couple of weeks, and it's way past a couple weeks. Now today an article in the LA Times brings up a few names that are being thrown around as potential actors to play Bilbo Baggins, and to be completely honest with you, I like them all, except for one.  I think they would all do a great job playing Bilbo Baggins, so here they are:


James McAvoy (Wanted) was a name that has been out there from the beginning so chances are he is still in the running if his schedule doesn't get in the way.


David Tennant (Doctor Who) I would have never thought, but damn he could pull off a great Bilbo. As you know he is leaving Doctor Who, but for what? Maybe to play a Hobbit? Who knows.


Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has been mentioned as one of the actors up for the role. Do you think being Harry Potter will help or hurt his chances of getting the role? They are currently finishing up the last two Potter films. They will probably finish up just in time to star shooting the Hobbit.


Jack Black (King Kong) Yeah, I know, terrible idea. It wont happen.

I would guess that most people are going to side with James McAvoy for the role, but I can see Tennant and Radcliffe in the role of Bilbo as well. They all look like Hobbits!

I have a feeling that the casting of Bilbo Baggins will be announced at Comic-Con this year. This will be the first year Peter Jackson will attend the event, and I think he is going to use the opportunity to give the fans everything they want to hear.

Who knows maybe in the end it will be a total shock when Ryan Reynolds is announced as being cast as Bilbo Baggins as well. I can't wait to see that fan art.

This is all rumor and speculation for now but tell us who you want to see take on the role of Bilbo.

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Source: LATimes

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