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It's about freakin time! famed Deadpool Comic book writer Joe Kelly will bring your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and the merc with a mouth together in a face-off  match, that will cause some kind of disturbance in the universe I'm sure. This comic will hit in November in Amazing Spider-Man #611.

Kelly is responsible for the fantastic Deadpool comic book run that went down in the late 90's. He'll "script the one-shot issue that pits the mouthy, movie-friendly heroes against one another in what he described as "a big, baroque comic book story that devolves into a 'yo mama' fight."

The picture you see above is your first look at what will be on the cover, and it was done by cover artist Skottie Young. Eric Canete will take on the interior art.  Kelly says:

"We're just trying to keep the Deadpool machine going. But in the end, it's all about who's the bigger wise-ass in the Marvel Universe."

He goes on to say that the meeting of these two characters is less a team up and more a clash of two characters whose similarities are actually their most divisive traits.

"Their jokes styles are so different. Deadpool is so absurd and mean at the drop of a hat, but Spidey is so light. ... [Spider-Man] tries to take the high road, but when you spend enough time around Deadpool, you can't help coming down to his level."

Now, how about we put these two guys up on the big screen together! How freakin amazing would that be! At least do it as one of those animated direct to DVD movies! It would be huge! As for the movie idea Kelly says:

"It would be the mother of all buddy movies. I don't know if the screen is big enough for Deadpool's ego and Spider-Man's size."

I doubt we will see a movie, but an animated film seems much more possible. Whatever he has planned for the comic book should be awesome because he isn't holding back on anything. Kelly concludes by saying:

"With Deadpool, I get to make the plot as wild as possible, because, well... it's Deadpool."

I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Source: MTV

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