STRAW DOGS Remake Casts Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

by Joey Paur


This remake of the 1971 film Straw Dogs, is one of those movies that is uncalled for. There is just no way in hell you can reproduce what was done in the original film. It had a certain feel and vibe that filmmakers just can't replicate these days. The 70's was definitely a great period for filmmaking and story telling, I don't see how they can be done any better.


Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth have joined the cast of this Straw Dogs re-imagining. James Marsden had already been cast in the film as the lead character. He will play the character Dustin Hoffman played in the original. Bosworth will play his wife, and Skarsgard will play her ex- highschool boyfriend.

I think all of these actors are great in what they have been doing, but come on now, do we really need a re-imagining of Straw Dogs?

Now to show you the differences between the original film and the new one here is a plot summary of the original film:

Sam Peckinpah examines the instinctual capacity for violence in his controversial 1971 film, loosely based on the novel The Siege of Trencher's Farm. To avoid the Vietnam-era social chaos in the U.S., American mathematician David Sumner (Dustin Hoffman) moves with his British wife, Amy (Susan George), to the isolated Cornish town where she grew up, but their presence provokes antagonism among the village's men. As the hostilities escalate from routine bullying to the gang rape of his wife, David finds his pacifistic self backed into a corner. When the hooligans attack his house, David finally resorts to the gruesome violence that he abhors.

Here is how the new film is described:

Marsden plays a Hollywood screenwriter who relocates with his wife to her hometown in Mississippi. Bosworth plays the wife, who left the South for LA. to become an actress and returns home so her husband can finish his script in quiet. Skarsgard plays her high school boyfriend, an ex-football hero who sees the return of his former girlfriend as a way to reclaim glory.

That does not sound interesting at all! Leave it to Hollywood to take a great story, and make it it as uninteresting as possible.

What do you all think?

Source: Variety

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