What Kind of KICK-ASS Footage Is Matthew Vaughn Bringing to Comic-Con?

by Joey Paur


As you know by now director Matthew Vaughn is going to show off some footage from his new film Kick-Ass at Comic-Con this year, and I couldn't be more excited to see what it ends up looking like! In a recent interview he tells us what we can look forward too seeing at the Kick-Ass presentation.

"There will be at least four scenes from the first act, then a minute's montage of what's going to happen in the next two acts. ... They're all good scenes. Not the best scenes in the movie, but they set up what the film is about."

He still hasn't chosen what four scenes he is going to go with though, and the footage we see will not be a final polished product.


"I've got seven scenes at the moment, and I have to get it down to four. I'm literally sitting here and editing right now. It's coming straight from the Avid [video editor], so it's not going to be some highly polished thing like everybody else's."

Comic-Con is going to make or break this movie much like it did for the first Iron Man. If the footage we see is good, the word will spread like wild fire and people are going to get excited. If the fans don't like it, word will spread just as fast, but it won't be the good kind.

"We are a genuine comic book adaptation with comic book authors involved in the production of the movie. It's really important to me that fans of the comic like the film. I'll be more upset if fans of the comic hate the movie than anybody else."

Well, as you know I am a huge fan of the comic book, and I hope to hell he pulls this off. It sounds like he has, but I have to see it for myself, and when I do I will let you know!

Source: MTV

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