by EMH

Hello everyone! I am back from my self-imposed suspension. I promised myself I would not write anything else on the site until I had seen The Hangover. I finally did, so we can move on.

My predictions for this weekend are as follows:

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - 114 million (remember, this is Fri-Sun only) – The difference between Harry Potter and Transformers is Potter will attract repeat business and right away. Some of the same people who saw it on opening day will see it again this weekend. Potter will have a monster opening and should do what I said it would do at the beginning of the summer and be the highest grossing movie of the season.

2. Bruno - 22 million – I didn’t do predictions last weekend because of my suspension. However, I believe I said on the podcast to look for this movie to do 30 million. However, it doesn’t feel as nice as Borat. By that I mean the character Borat had an innocence that made him seem more harmless. Bruno’s character just comes off as mean, so I don’t think this movie will have the legs Borat had.

3. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – 19.6 million – You gotta love this franchise. Not as much hootin’ and hollerin’ as Pixar or Dreamworks animation, and yet the movies are good and draw big crowds. The budget for Up was around 175 million. Ice Age 3, only 90.

4. Transformers 2 – 14.4 million – Keep dying. Please. Can we please begin the “Megan Fox is overrated” campaign? No doubt she’s hot, but I am tired of hearing about her being among the two best reasons to see a movie with a 200 million dollar budget.

5. The Proposal – 7.7 million – I am going with a bit of an upset here. I think Public Enemies will drop lower than Bullock and Reynolds this weekend.

There you have it people. I am back. Enjoy this weekend’s slate of movies. Go see Harry Potter…twice. It will help my numbers look good.



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