HALO Movie: There is Still Hope

by Joey Paur


Last year we reported that screenwriter Stuart Beatle had started his own Halo movie project that he has been trying to get off the ground. Just because it didn't work out with Peter Jackson doesn't mean it won't work out from someone else, right? The hope of a Halo film must be kept alive. The question is... is Sturat Beatle the guy that will make it happen? Even if he is I'm not sure I can back him, because he did write G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. To his credit though, he also wrote the Michael Mann film, Collateral, and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. As well as, 30 Days of Night, and Australia. That should give you a good idea of who he is and where he is coming from. He has a lot of different genres and styles. On top of all that the guy is an avid gamer.

He wrote a Halo spec script back in 2007 during the writers strike. The script he wrote is based on the Halo prequel novel, Fall of Reach, written by Eric Nyland. In an interview with Scifiwire, Beattie explains why his Halo movie idea will work.

"I just think it's an amazing story about this child that no one cares about and who cares for no one else, who kind of ends up saving all of humanity. So I just started calling, because I really believe a Halo movie would just be awesome, especially this Halo movie."

I think going the Fall of Reach route is a good way to go, but I have also heard better ideas of how to tackle the franchise. He has sent the script to Microsoft, but it doesn't seem like much movement is going on. District 9 director Neil Blomkamp is out of the picture now so who would even direct it? The screenwriter? Who is directing his first film right now, a futuristic war film called Tomorrow, When the War begins.

"It's not something I can direct right now, because it's a big $100 million-plus film. Maybe in a few years, if things work with Tomorrow and if Tomorrow finds an audience, maybe one day, two or three movies later, I can get the reins of that and maybe direct that, because I would just love to see a Halo movie up there on screen. It's magnificent."


This guy is just as excited for a Halo movie as any of us are! I don't think he cares who makes the movie as long as they are a decent filmmaker. Personally, I wish everything would have worked out with Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp. After seeing what they would have done with it, everything else would seem sub-par. But, who knows! Maybe if it gets made it will blow us away!

"I wouldn't want to stand in the way of it getting made, but I firmly believe that the first Halo movie needs to be the Fall of Reach story, because it sets up all the characters, the world, the Covenant, the big struggle between mankind and the aliens, all that stuff. So that's where my money is."

He also believes that people who play Halo, should be the ones making the movie, which only makes sense.

"Once my generation of filmmakers start to get to that position where they allow us to make these big-budget films based on these video games, then we'll start to get some really great movies based on video games. I think it's the same as books, [and] it's the same as comic books. I think not every video game should be made into a movie, just like not every book should be made into a movie. Not every comic book should, but certain ones definitely should, because they're so visual, the characters are so rich and the mythology is so vast that they should. Halo is definitely one of the shoulds."

Well yeah, that's a no-brainer, but it doesn't look like the studios are listening. I don't think they understand how big this franchise could be, otherwise it would have been made by now. It seems like everyone want's their profit handed to them before they spend any money making the movie. It's silly. Halo is an instant hit, one where you could make multiple movies, and make tons of money. It's a win all across the board!

"It's massive. It's like our generation's Star Wars. The whole Halo nation that's out there, and a 100,000-year history of the Halo universe, it's just breathtaking and so much fun to play in that sandbox. I've read every book, played every game, every graphic novel. It's just a fun world to be in."

I couldn't agree with him more, but now it's all up to the studio's to finally have the balls to get the damn movie into production with a team of incredible talent!

The pictures in the article is concept art from the Halo movie he wants to make.

Source: scifiwire

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