Tim Burton Talks About His ALICE IN WONDERLAND Presentation at Comic-Con

by Joey Paur


One thing I am incredibly excited to see at Comic-Con is some footage of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, unfortunately there will not be a lot to see, but he will show something he describes as a "semi-trailer", which he describes as:

“[It’s] a kind of a semi-trailer. It’s where we’re at at the moment. There’s not a lot of footage to show.”

This is because the filmmaking process has proved to be quite a challenge, mixing live-action, motion capture, and animation is a pretty crazy job he explains:

"It's a strange process we're dealing with. We're using a mix of techniques. If you picked them apart, each technique has been done before. We're mixing them up, in a way.  I wish we had more footage to show. It’s a real mysterious puzzle that’s frightening and exciting at the same time.”

I'll take whatever I can get and then we'll tell you about. Alice in Wonderland is going to be a part of the massive Disney 3-D panel which will also screen some Tron 2 footage. Burton goes on to give a little inside info on how the story is told for the movie.

"The thing about it is it's a series of stories. For me that's always been a problem with the movie versions of it. It's always been a girl going from one weird adventure to another, and for me it didn't have much of an impact in the versions I'd seen before. Everyone's crazy. We tried to take the ‘Alice' mythology and characters and make a story out of it and be true to the spirit of what ‘Alice' is about."

As for the Mad Hatters character he say's:

"When you look at most interpretations, everything is pretty one-note. Everybody is crazy. With him, we are always trying to find a subtext and layer to it so it's rooted in humanity to some degree-something deeper than just being nuts."

I like what I am hearing. It seems like they really did somthing special for this movie, with both the story and how it is being created. I can't wait to see the final product, but the stuff we see at comic-con will be quite a treat.

Source: MTV

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