Films of the 70’s: 5 Incredible Dramas

by Joey Paur

Personally I think some of the greatest movies ever made came out of the 70’s. This is an era where brilliant directors were making brilliant movies. It was also a time when story and acting was the most important aspect of filmmaking. The first genre I will cover in this series of films of the 70’s is Dramas. These films have very intense stories that leave the person watching it wanting to see more. It is very rare to see movies like these being made anymore.



This is a classic film noir set in Los Angeles during the 1930’s. Jack Nicholson plays a private investigator who gets pulled into a twisted mystery of false identities, investment schemes, water supply control, and even incest. The movie was directed by Roman Polanski and he did a hell of a job, but it is Robert Towne’s script that really makes this movie the masterpiece that it is. It did win best original Screenplay at the Oscars.

The Deer Hunter


I believe this was the first movie made that dealt with the Vietnam War. The story centers on 5 best friends who grew up together and follows the before, during and after events of Vietnam and how the war affected their lives. The movie is mostly known for it’s graphic violence and racial stereotypes and of course there is the famous Russian Roulette scene which is one of the most intense movie moments in history. With 5 Oscars under it’s belt how can you go wrong.

The Godfather 1 and 2


I know it’s two separate films, but it is all one story, and I make the rules. These are two of the greatest and best movies ever made in the history of film. The movie follows follows the lives of the Corleones who is an Italian family involved with the criminal Mafia. These movies are just so well done a brilliantly directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie is just epic in everyway possible. I have yet to meet someone that has not liked this movie. Of course they one a bunch of awards.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest


This is actually one of my favorite movies of all time. The film follows Randall McMurphy who is played by Jack Nicholson. He has himself placed in a mental institution get out of work duty in the prison system. He gets the patients to love him, but to the point where the head nurse despises him. This is such a powerful movie, that everyone needs to see. The performances in it are incredible! When I first saw I wondered if these were real insane people. The film won 5 Oscars including Best Picture.

Taxi Driver


This Martin Scorsese film tells the story of a psychotic cab driver who is a Vietnam vet that has been alienated from most of society. This story was dark and disturbing, this movie must have just freaked people out when they first saw it. A crazy person shaving his head messing around with weapons in front of the mirror utter the famous quote “Are you talking to me”? Then there is the 12 year old prostitute he tries to save. As crazy as this movie was it was still a great and original movie.

Of course there are a ton of other dramas from the 70’s that were incredible, I can’t name them all though. What are some of your favorite dramas from the 70’s?