RESIDENT EVIL 4 Coming in 2010?

by Joey Paur


I have enjoyed all of the Resident Evil films that have been made. Sure they aren't the best movies ever made, but it's exactly what I expected them to be like and they have been fun to watch. Milla Jovovich just rocks those movies.

Last year director Paul W.S. Anderson told everyone that he was writing a fourth film and that Capcom was going to be involved in the process. According to STYD an insider at Sony Pictures say's they are looking to get the fourth film of the franchise into theaters by September 17, 2010.

The title of the film... Resident Evil: Afterlife.

We still have yet to hear if Anderson is going to direct the film, but most importantly whether or not Milla Jovovich will be back to kick some zombie ass. In my opinion there is no point in doing a fourth movie if she is not involved, especially with what the fourth film is going to entail


Alice clones getting ready to seek revenge on the Umbrella Corporation which was holed up in Tokyo.

I would love to see this all come to life! But what do you think? Are you the audience up for a fourth resident Evil film?

Alice Clones:


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