Awesome BATMAN Motorcycle Suit... Because You Need It

by Joey Paur

I had to share this with all of you because of how freakin awesome it is! Our good friend Root Mazer sent this link over to me, and if you are a geek that rides motorcycles then you are in for one hell of treat. The photo you see below is a Batman Dark Knight motorcycle suit.  Here are the details:

This is an officially licensed design that will actually be on the market sometime in the near future. It is made from molded leather and Kevlar armor sections with a Cordura mesh base and heavy-duty 4 way stretch spandex inserts. This thing should be enough to protect you in a small crash (with a good helmet) or when you’re out prowling the streets taking out bad guys. Given the quality and materials of this thing, expect to pay a small fortune for it when it finally does hit stores.

I don't own a motorcycle... yet. I may have to go out and get me one now so I can use it as an excuse to wear this badboy on a daily basis. Seriously! Wouldn't you? If anything it's a great looking outfit to wear on Halloween or at the geek conventions.


Source: ohgizmo