Dicaprio's TWILIGHT ZONE movie gets a Screenwriter

by Eli Reyes


Warner Bros and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way, have just brought on screenwriter Rand Ravich, to pen a big-screen adaptation of the classic TV show Twilight Zone.

Ravich seems like the perfect guy to bring Twilight Zone to a whole new generation. He's had his hand in some great television and films. He most recently created NBC's highly acclaimed detective series Life, which was a geetyrant favorite. He wrote and directed 1999's The Astronaut's Wife. And he executive produced Confessions of A Dangerous Mind.

The original 1959 Twilight Zone series ran for five seasons on CBS, was created by Rod Serling, who wrote more than half of the show's 156 episodes. It is one of the most iconic shows ever created. It's engrained in our childhood's, whether it be through reruns(obviously for most of us), or the through constant references to the show's unforgettable themes and premises.

Of course this isn't the first time Twilight Zone has been resurrected. Steven Spielberg and John Landis produced and directed segments of 1983's Twilight Zone: The Movie. But I'm sure we'd like to forget the 80's New Twilight Zone tv sreies, and the Forest Whitaker hosted Twilight Zone of the early 2000's. I feel those just didn't measure up, and couldn't quite match the creepy vibe of the original.

Let's hope this new one can learn from the mistakes of the past! Are you guys ready for a new Twilight Zone Movie? Share your thoughts.

Source: Variety

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