by Eli Reyes


This is ridiculous, but it's gonna make money. So I'm not surprised. With the cause of Michael Jackson's death still uncertain, Variety reports that Sony Pictures is close to a deal to make a feature film drawing on the 80 hours of rehearsal footage filmed in preparation for Jackson's planned London Concerts.

Sony is prepared to pay upwards of 50 Million dollars for worldwide rights, to AEG Entertainment who owns the footage shot by High School Musical director Kenny Ortega. Ortega will likely direct the feature film, as it would not interfere with his remake of Footloose, which begins shooting next March with Gossip Girl star Chase Crawford. Let's not even get started on that.

The film will feature at least three videos, including an alternative version of Jackson's "Thriller," which were shot to be interstitial programming during the London concerts. The footage was meant to play in 3-D, but it's unclear as yet whether the feature film will present it that way.

But the "respect" doesn't stop there. AEG is also selling the TV and video rights to the tribute concert scheduled for August 29th in London on Jackson's birthday. The tribute will feature Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and others, who will perform the song list that Jackson planned, accompanied by the band that rehearsed with the late singer.

When will it end? Will it ever end? I actually don't mind the tribute concert, but I would hope that the money would go to Jackson's kids, as he was in serous debt, or to some other worthy cause.

Though I imagine a 3D movie would be interesting for those who haven't seen MJ in concert, it wouldn't do him justice. Because it is what it is, rehearsal footage. With no crowd for MJ to feed off of, where's the magic? So what do you guys think of a Michael Jackson 3D Movie?