by Joey Paur

Disney has unveiled a couple new posters from their big summer hit for next year, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. These new movie posters feature, Jake Gyllenhaal, as Prince Dastan, which I am still not sold on, and Gemma Arterton, as the mysterious princess Tamina, who I am sold on. These two characters "reluctantly team up to safeguard an ancient dagger that could release the Sands of Time, allowing its possessor to reverse time and rule the world." Heaven forbid the sands of time get released, who know what could happen.

The film also stars, Sir Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina, and was directed by Mike Newell. Since Jerry Bruckheimer is behind this film you can expect it to be a epically big film, much like Pirates of the Caribbean, which is what I belive they were going for in terms of scale.

Check out the posters below and tell us what you think.



Source: Empire