Whaaaaaa? Nicholas Cage to Play Villain in GREEN HORNET

by Joey Paur


Nic Cage is such a great actor that he can star in whatever movie he wants to star in. Like Seth Rogan's The Green Hornet, sure, there is no reason at all for him to be in it, but he sure is talking about being in it at the moment. The role Cage will play is the gangster villain. I can already see his crazy over the top acting now. You know that thing he does with his hands, his eyes, and his hair when he tries to be "that guy" in the movies? I am sure it will be a brilliant performance. Look, I'm joking ok, first they loose Stephen Chow, then they are thinking about casting Nic Cage, this movie is really going down a bad road. And of course everyone involved with the movie is going to come out and say in interviews how brilliant of an Actor cage is, and how he is so funny, to try and sell us on the idea, but we all know better. Cage hasn't been funny since Raising Arizona.


Oh yeah, I almost for got to tell you that Cameron Diaz is also in negotiations to play a reporter, and love interest in the film. It's not as bad as Cage being cast, Diaz has always been hit or miss. Michel Gondry is set to direct the film that stars Seth Rogen as the masked crime fighter.

They are prepping the film to be released next summer. What do you think of the casting of Cage and Diaz?

Source: Variety