ALICE IN WONDERLAND posters and How you can be among the first to see the Trailer!

by Eli Reyes

"You're Invited to a Very Important Date 3/5/10"

That's the only thing these posters really have to offer us, as we've seen and given you hi-res versions of all these images. Though it is nice to see they embrace the contraction in Wonderland, as well as the slash date. That's just efficiency at it's best if you ask me.

So here's the cool news. Originally, if you weren't going to Comic-Con, where Tim Burton will be showing us footage of his take on the classic Alice In Wonderland, it would be too bad, so sad for you. But, CHUD tells us, "They've set up fan pages on Facebook; whichever group gets the most members by 4pm Pacific Thursday will be the first to view the trailer. I'm not sure what is stopping you from joining all three." But where's the fun in that. A sure bet would be on the Mad Hatter, as he has more than the other two combined... and then some.

To join the Loyal Subjects of The Red Queen click the image below.


To join The Loyal Subjects of The White Queen click image.


To join the Disloyal Subjects of The Mad Hatter click image.


To look like an idiot by clicking an image that doesn't link to anything, click either of the images below.



So join up!!! I must point out though, that only those in attendance at Comic-Con, will see the footage in all it's 3D glory. So still, too bad, so sad.

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