ECHO Comic Book Being Adapted into a Film

by Joey Paur


With Comic-Con blowing up this week, expect to see a lot of freakin comic book movie deals being made. The event kicks off tomorrow! But even before it begins we have a bit of news regarding another comic book getting the big screen makeover. Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin has acquired the rights to a comic book called Echo, which was created by Terry Moore.  Not sure what Echo is about? Well lets break it down for ya.

While taking photographs in the desert, Julie Martin witnesses the explosion of a battle suit and its pilot, the end result of a live munitions exercise. The suit, now reduced to small pellets, rains down on Julie and her pick-up truck. The pellets are heavy, landing with significant force and adhere to both Julie and her truck. Julie returns home, still covered in pellets, and listens to a voice mail from her husband who is insisting she sign divorce papers. Julie attempts to remove the pellets that have stuck to her using a rag, only to have the pellets spread and bond to a portion of her body. Julie decides to seek medical attention to have the metallic substance removed from her body. When Julie opens the door to her truck more of the pellets bond to her skin. Julie's shoulders and chest are almost completely covered by the metallic substance at this point, and the substance now bears an unknown symbol. When a doctor touches the substance it reacts by removing his fingernail, whereas Julie feels no more than a tingling and some slight warmth. The doctor believes the situation to be a horrible prank, and refuses to treat Julie. Meanwhile, the developers of the battle suit have confirmed Julie's presence at the scene of the explosion and dispatch a young woman known as Ivy (despite objections from the military) to locate Julie.

And that my friends is how superheros are born. I have not read the comic book, but it sounds like one of those pretty generic ones if you ask me. Can't say I'm too excited about the movie either, but it got picked up Terry Moore made six figures from it, and that ain't bad. What do you all think about this comic book idea being turned into a movie?

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