Japanese girl loses it! in these hilarious HARRY POTTER interviews

by Eli Reyes

You will get a kick out of this! This is Kana. Last month a Japanese Television Show held a contest to visit the set of Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows to discuss the newly released Half-Blood Prince. Out of 10,000 hardcore fans, she came out victorious, due most likely to how absolutely obsessed she is. Those Japanese shows sure know how to toy with people.

Rupert Grint(Ron) and Daniel Radcliffe(Harry) do their best to surprise her. Though the "surprise" aspect is completely unnecessary! She completely loses it. As if they walked off the screen itself, she begins touching and smelling them... Seriously. So just watch, and enjoy.

Thanks to /Film for finding these gems!

Rupert Grint Interview:

Daniel Radcliffe Interview:

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