POINT BREAK reenactment from Reno 911! and Human Giant stars

by Eli Reyes

A couple of weeks ago we brought you Marc Webb directing his 500 Days of Summers stars Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a reenactment of a scene from Sid And Nancy. Well here's another Cinemash from Mean Magazine, which allows celebrities to recreate scenes from different well known films, from Oscar winners to cult classics. This new clip definitely falls into the latter.

Here's a scene from the classically ridiculous movie Point Break, reenacted by Reno 911! stars/creators Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant,  and Human-Giant comedy troupe members Aziz Ansari(Funny People) and Rob Huebel(The Office), directed by Kashy Khaledi.

And in case you missed this one last week, here's Cheech And Chong in the world of Tron!!!