SCOTT PILGRIM's Edgar Wright throws a frisbee to PAUL's Pegg and Frost

by Eli Reyes

Oh, the crossover. Though usually reserved for television shows grasping for viewership, it can often times be quite pleasing. Remember when The Critic's Jay Sherman was on The Simpsons??? Well these clips are equally as cool.

If you're a fan of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg or Nick Frost, you're probably pretty bummed that the trio aren't working together on their current projects. But if you've been following blogs for Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs The World adaptation, or Pegg and Frost's alien movie Paul, then this will be a quite a treat for you!

While this isn't technically a crossover, there is some much needed interaction via some "movie magic". Check out the clips and let us know what you think!

This isn't the first time video blogs have joined forces! You may remember this. Back in 2005, Peter Jackson needed some rest from the filming of King Kong. So he called upon Bryan Singer, who at the time was filming Superman: Returns.

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